Advanced Email Personalization

The world's simplest way to deliver Advanced Email Personalization using your current ESP.

Power + Simplicity

Email is a proven workhorse that drives customer loyalty and customer lifetime value, especially in a recession. But, the 1:1 Economy is changing everything. Your customers expect you to know them and are abandoning brands that don’t deliver relevance.

Our Advanced Email Personalization (AEP) engine empowers marketers to deliver highly relevant email to each customer without burning yourself out in the process. The result: higher brand loyalty and measurable ROI.

Not Harder

AEP leverages a system of reusable micro content that enables you to automatically assemble highly personalized email that is otherwise not possible.
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Gain a 10X
Increase in Engagement

AEP activates data to intelligently target content modules and enrich content modules with data.
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Eliminate Risks
from Human

AEP automates the targeting logic and workflow to eliminate errors that occur when complex operations are done manually.
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