Human Error Risk

Any email marketer embracing personalization likely has a war story of either customer/financial harm or damage to the brand reputation resulting from human error. AEP automates the targeting logic and workflow to eliminate errors that occur when complex operations are done manually. Lean into advanced personalization and regain the ability to sleep at night.


Deploying a email campaign with enough dynamic modular content to be impactful exceeds the native functionality of Email Service Providers. As a workaround, advanced marketers have had to rely on email developers to manually program the targeting instructions with vast amounts of manual, error-prone ampscripting language.

Attempting to catch the inevitable code bugs in the ampscripting requires elaborate and extensive test plans designed and closely followed by top-knotch QA/QC engineers.

AEP automates all of the targeting and eliminates the problems.


Manually uploading your email template with the Ampscrpit, your content modules with the correct filenames and then mapping it all together is another recipe for disaster.

AEP integrates with your ESP and automates this workflow and ends the errors that frequently arise with complex campaigns.

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