Work Smarter
Not Harder

We're in the perfect storm of constrained budgets, talent shortages and the demand for greater relevance.
AEP leverages a library of reusable micro content that enables you to automatically assemble highly personalized email that is otherwise cost prohibitive.


Rather than constantly building each campaign from the ground up for each deployment, AEP provides easy access to a library of content modules that can be reused, combined and configured in endless ways like Legos. The library is easy to search and will show you how your content is performing over time.

Drag &

Whether you are a hands-on or a budget conscious email marketer, our drag and drop (code-free) content editor removes the manual and painful effort of creating content modules and email campaigns.

That means updating, testing, optimizing and evolving your email no longer requires the costs and timelines required for designers and coders to do what can now be done with our simple to use interface.

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