Brands are awash in customer data, but few successfully activate it to drive relevance. AEP activates data to intelligently target content modules and enrich content modules with data. This results in highly relevant content that drives a 10X increase in engagement and boosts Customer Lifetime Values.


Consumers leave clues and footprints about what’s relevant to them throughout the customer journey. As marketers, we have insight into their momentary actions, behavioral trends, implied interests and explicit preferences. But, we struggle to activate it. AEP intelligently identifies and targets the most relevant content modules for each customer. The engine learns and gets smarter over time to maximize relevance.


People are consumed by data. We’re constantly tracking things and become deeply engaged in the feedback. The list is long: the number of steps we take, the quality of our sleep, our heartbeat, our weight, our credit scores, the number of songs we’ve downloaded, the loyalty points we’ve earned, our loyalty status, the number of miles we’ve flown. AEP leverages this abundant data to enrich and individualize the content so that it is highly relevant to each customer.

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